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Benefits Of Our Service To Letting Agents

How Do We Work With Letting Agents?

We provide a Corporate Let service and are looking for suitable properties that we can lease long term (minimum 2 years) to provide good quality accommodation for single working professionals in the Leicester area. We work alongside several local Letting Agents and are always looking for reputable agents to work with.

Benefits Of Our Service To A Letting Agent

  • Letting Agent receives the same full monthly commission from property
  • Letting Agent receives the same reservation fee
  • Guaranteed rent for the term of the lease, so no voids
  • We will require the property on a long term let of 2-5 years
  • No management issues – we fully manage and maintain the property
  • We regularly inspect all properties. Some agents prefer to do this themselves, which is fine.
  • We employ a cleaner for every property who cleans all communal areas every 2 weeks
  • We have our own gardener to hand when required
  • No tenant sourcing – we do this
  • We can pay for refurbishment/upgrading up to £3,000
  • We only rent to working professionals, No HB/LHA/ No pets allowed
  • All tenants will be fully credit checked/referenced/guarantors if required

Our Property Criteria

  • 4+ bed houses in LE2/LE3/LE4 (we accept 3 bed properties if there is a separate reception room than can be used a bedroom)
  • Furnished or unfurnished
  • Must be double glazed
  • The property must be in good condition. We maintain a high standard in all our properties as this reflects the type of tenants we want to attract
  • 2 bathrooms – or at least one bathroom/2 toilets. Or the possibility of us adding 2nd toilet and/or shower (at our own expense)
  • Nearby parking
  • If property is in an Article 4 area the property must have a license
  • Rent payments are negotiable depending on the size and condition of the property

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we want to work with you when you could ‘cut us out’ and go direct to the Landlord?

We work ethically at all times and it isn’t in our own interest to do this. We NEED the agents, they are our main source of new properties and they provide us with more when they realise the benefits of working with us. Please feel free to speak to other agents we work with for reassurance (contact details provided on request)

Is there a contract between us?

Yes, we use a Management Contract between ourselves and the agent which can be amended to suit both parties, in effect we are your tenant. Some agents prefer to use their own contract. Our contract is available to view on request.

How do we get paid commission?

We pay the agent (you) the monthly rent via direct debit and you deduct your commission before paying the Landlord

What about our agent/reservation fees?

We pay these as any tenant would

Can we use our own property inventory?

Absolutely. As your ‘tenant’, the condition of the property is our responsibility. At the end of the contract term the property will be returned to you in the same (or better) condition as at the start of the tenancy.

Is there a minimum term that you will require the property for?

Yes, we prefer a minimum of 2-3 years and can extend at the end of the term if both parties are agreeable

What type of tenants will you put in the property?

We only ever take single, working professionals. All tenants are referenced thoroughly and checks made to ensure work Visa’s are in place and up to date if required. We don’t take students, but will take post graduates if they have a suitable home owner guarantor. We ensure that tenants are of the same age group in each property where possible to ensure harmony in the house.

Who is responsible for managing and maintaining the property?

We fully manage the property and take care of all tenant queries promptly. Any minor maintenance issues will be dealt with swiftly by our maintenance team. The Landlord would be responsible for any structural issues, or major plumbing or heating problems, in this case we would report any issues to the agent who would then contact the Landlord.

If you have any queries not mentioned then please contact us, we will be more than happy to discuss all aspects of our service with you. Let’s have a chat to see how we can work together for mutual benefit.

Call Suzie or Lorraine on: 07851 089 678 / 07969 835 534