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Case Studies

Examples of how we have helped people like you

We must be doing something right as 90% of our business comes directly from referrals. Our business is built upon providing great customer satisfaction, this is why so many individuals recommend their friends and loved ones to us after we have helped them and we intend to keep it this way.

A Guaranteed Quick Sale



Russell purchased a 3 bed property last year in Aylestone with the intentions of refurbishing it and renting it out. Unfortunately though he was made redundant in August, and as the property still needed a lot of work to make it sale-able and he could no longer afford the mortgage payments decided that he needed to sell the property quickly.

Russell made a call to us, we went straight over to have a chat with him, and have a look around the property. We made him a good offer within hours, which he accepted, and also offered him £5,000 up front to help with immediate cash flow problems.

We promised to exchange contracts within 7 days, which would give him the satisfaction of knowing that the sale was progressing quickly. We exchanged in 7 days as promised and within 16 days of contacting us we completed the sale and the money was transferred to his bank account.

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Guaranteed Rent

Tony had a 5 bed property on Upperton Road in Leicester that he’d been letting out for years to students. However, in 2015 the demand for student accommodation in the older properties in Leicester has dwindled due to many purpose built student blocks with all mod cons (students are getting increasingly fussy!) So suddenly he had a property that was standing empty.

We met up with Tony and had a look around the property, which was in a rather poor state (students are renowned for being messy aren’t they) It needed a refurbishment to bring it up to our standard. We made Tony a rental offer on the property, which we would pay monthly regardless of any voids, we also offered to do works at our own cost:

  • Add an extra bathroom upstairs (previously a study)
  • Add a new toilet in the downstairs shower room (which was very grubby and was leaking into the adjoining bedroom)
  • Paint the walls/ceilings throughout to freshen it up
  • Put in new carpets and flooring throughout
  • Paint old furniture (wardrobes & chests of drawers) with white eggshell to freshen it up
  • Fix a hole in the lounge floorboards
  • Replace the washing machine
  • Install hard-wired smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and heat detectors
  • Add effective ventilation to the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Clean up the rear garden
  • Dress the property throughout
  • Have a cleaner every other week to clean communal areas
  • We take care of any small maintenance jobs up to £200 per month
  • We take charge of and pay all utility bills – gas/electric/council tax/TV license/ broadband
    A gardener when required

Tony accepted our offer, agreed to a 3 year lease and kindly allowed us 3 weeks rent free to enable us to carry out these works.

The property was refurbished throughout and looks fabulous (see images) and within 2 weeks was fully let to working professionals.


    • Tonys’ property has been refurbished at no cost to himself
    • He has the knowledge that we are managing his property effectively and keeping an eye on what goes on in there
    • He gets paid every month regardless of voids
    • He doesn’t have the hassle of sorting the utility payments
    • He doesn’t have to worry about the property for at least 3 years
    • He will get his property back in a better condition
    • He has the option to extend the lease period at the end of the term if he so wishes

Tony is happy!

Here’s the before and after images:

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A Great Investment

James is a chartered engineer. He works long hours and he’s on an excellent salary. He’s in the fortunate position of earning way more than he spends every month.

James has a very healthy savings account, but he knows that he could, indeed should, be making his money work harder for him. At the bank he’s getting only 3 % on his savings.

James wants a better return.

He approached us as a friend of a friend, who knew we were doing well expanding our portfolio and refurbishing properties for resale.

After several preliminary meetings, James decided to come onboard. He replaced the traditional lender and provided 70 % of the finance for a property we purchased in the West End of Leicester. He was given first charge on the property, so he knew his investment was secure. We funded the remaining 30 % of the acquisition costs (along with the refurbishment costs and all the legal and admin fees (5k).

The project lasted 12 months. James received 6.5 % pa interest on his loan which was more than double he was getting at the bank. He was very happy. It was a clear win-win situation.

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The figures:

Purchase price: £125,000

James’ loan: £87,000

Leicester Property Solutions finance: £63,000

Acquisition: £38,000

Refurbishment/remodeling: £20,000

Sale and legal costs: £5,000

12 months later, refinance value (65% LTV) £165,000

James’ interest after 12 months @ 6.5 %* £5655

*If James had left his money in the bank he would have received £2610

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