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Is your money sitting in the bank giving you an awful return? What rate are you getting right now? 1%? 1.65%?

Are you worried that your pension pot isn’t growing as fast as you’d like it to? Well, anyone tempted to release capital from their pension pots would be mad not to include property in their financial calculations!

I expect you’ve heard that property is one of THE best ways to invest your money right now but, unless you are a financial wizard with a law degree and advanced DIY skills, you are going to need professional help with property investment. You need to pick the right partners, people you can trust, with expertise in their chosen field. Finding dependable builders, lawyers and accountants is not just key to maximising your profits, but will offer you peace of mind during a sometimes complex process… and that’s where we come in!

Leicester Property Solutions Ltd are an independent Property Investment company based in the Midlands. We have built our good reputation and our business based on trust and reliability and we intend to continue to do so as we grow.

Does a 6-10% return sound better than you’re currently getting with your bank? If so then give Lorraine a call and let’s chat about the possibilities on 07969 835 534

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